Dezen Dezen is a young, new brand reinventing the long-gone tradition of foulards.


Born in 2014, it carries forward the tradition of a family run business and specialized in the production of foulards, that in the last 70 years used to supply the all ex-Yugoslavia and former Soviet Bloc.

Two young cratives, @mighele_ and @marcoccolol design t-shirts as the new pass-partout garment of today, reviving the inherited tradition with an experiment that combines the old with the new. Adapting the same technology that once was used to print foulards, we employ the original silkscreens – some of which are up to 100 years old – to hand print modern-looking T-shirts embellished with original, vintage dezens (designs - patterns) that use to adorn foulards.

Every T-shirt is a unique object and a product of craftsmanship.


ARTish SEZONA 2019

KINO ŠIŠKA - sobota, 30. marec / 10 - 19

GORNJI TRG - april do oktober (vsaka sobota)

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