GUGADžINA brand emerged as a result of desire and need for a new design for children as well as for something that will evoke kid’s imagination and bring us, mums and dads, back to our childhood.


GUGADžINA is the product of children’s creative work, their drawings, conversations with them, their ideas and their needs. Children are the most sincere critics, and we have decided to carefully listen to their opinions and observations. Hence, these cheerful creations and unusual designs were born, which stand out from everyday stereotypes.

GUGADžINA’s pieces are fair trade hand made products, made out of cotton, combined with other fabrics. Collections are unique and are produced as limited editions. Each model exists in couple of different sizes according to a child’s age (in general from 0-1 till 9-10).



ARTish SHOP - november 2017 / POLIGON

25. november -> MADŽARSKO SLOVENSKI ARTish SHOP -> med 10.00 in 20.00)

ARTish SHOP - december 2017 / POLIGON & atrij ZRC (Novi trg 2)

2. december -> predMIKLAVŽev ARTish SHOP / kreativni center POLIGON (10.00 do 18.00)

16. in 17. december -> predBOŽIČni ARTish SHOP / kreativni center POLIGON (9.00 do 20.00)

23. december -> predBOŽIČni ARTish SHOP / atrij ZRC Ljubljana (Novi trg 2) / 9.00 do 20.00

28. - 30. december -> PRAZNIČNI ARTish SHOP / atrij ZRC Ljubljana (Novi trg 2) / 9.00 do 20.00