Ivana Spoljaric

Born in Belgrade, Srbija, in 1980.

Ivana Spoljaric

Graduated from Faculty of Applied Arts, ceramics department, in 2010. Partiiepated in many group exhibitions. Since April 2012. is freelance artist. Lives and works in Belgrade, Serbia.


2013.: “ Matera 02”, Week of Ceramics Design, Belgrade
2012.: “Ceramica Multiplex”, Varazdin, Croatia
“Planet Earth:WIND”, Belgrade, Serbia
2011.: ”Chandelier”, Belgrade, Serbia
“Seapot, Teapot and Sunday tea party”, Cascais, Portugal
“XVI Belgrade Biennial of Ceramics”, Belgrade, Serbja
2010.: “MajdanArt”, Majdanpek, Serbia
2009.: “Only Black”, Belgrade, Serbia
“International Exhibition of Miniature”, Belgrade, Serbia
2008.: “Black and White”, Belgrade, Serbia
“XV Belgrade Mini Art Scene”, Belgrade, Serbia
2007.: “Decoration applied on thrown ceramics”, Belgrade, Serbia
2006.: “XIII Belgrade Mini Art Scene”, Belgrade, Serbia
2004.: “XI Belgrade Mini Art Scene”, Belgrade, Serbia


NOVOLETNI ARTish SHOP - december 2017 / atrij ZRC (Novi trg 2 Ljubljana)

28. - 30. december -> atrij ZRC Ljubljana (Novi trg 2) / 10.00 do 20.00