Jazz Fashion

Jazz Fashion is a registrated company from Netherlands.

Jazz Fashion


Jazz Fashion is a Dutch company comprised of a team of two artists, Marija and Jos Jillings and PR manager Suzana Stajkic Reljic. From the love for art from designer Marija Jillings, eye for uniqueness from her husband Jos Jillings and great marketing skill from Suzana Stajkic Reljic, this unique team was formed in November 2009 under the name Jazz Fashion.
Jazz Fashion creations are inspired by the Steampunk movement which, is distinguished by the use of elements from the Victorian and Edwardian periods, combined with mechanisms and pieces inspired by the first industrial movements and the invention of the steam powered machines. Designers Marija and Jos Jillings bring their personal visions in each design, giving as a result accessories of a captivating beauty and romantic touches.


Jazz Fashion designers use the best quality materials in their creations like genuine vintage watch parts and movements, brass and steel metal components and chains and fine resin suitable for jewelry.

They exhibited their art on exhibitions, fairs and festivals all around Europe. In January 2013. Jazz Fashion will be featured in the book “International Steampunk Fashions” with the best Steampunk artists from all around the world.



ARTish SEZONA 2020

-> ARTish KINO ŠIŠKA / PRESTAVLJEN / iz 14. marec na 25. okrober 2020 / 10.00 do 19.00


! NOVA LOKACIJA ! -> ZUNANJA SEZONA / Gallusovo nabrežje / VSAKA SOBOTA  vključno 31.10. / ZAČETEK  20. junij 2020


-> poletni ARTish v Radovljici / četrtek, 7. julij / 14:00 do 19:00

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PRIJAVE: artish.si@gmail.com

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ARTish prodajni kotiček CERKNICA -> galerija KRPAN, Čabranska 2, Cerknica
vsaka SUHA sobota / 10:00 do 15:00