Si & Eter Jewelry

Si & Eter Jewelry the ultra light minimalistic spectacle jewelry  

Si & Eter Jewelry

Si & Eter is the jewelry with the Croatian signature design, the first and so far the only of its kind at the market, and behind this minimalistic spectacle jewelry stands the Art teacher Sanja Modric Zizic.

The unique pieces of Si & Eter jewelry are made of high-technologically developed plastic, glass lenses recycled material . Since the lenses are lighter than regular plastic, but still resistant to breaking and scratching, they are ideal for making high quality jewelry.

Si & Eter Jewelry is unique, each necklace or earring has its own diopter, and some of the pieces of Si & Eter jewelry are qualified as one of a kind due to their specific colour, shape and thickness. Particularly interesting is the photosensitive jewelry which changes its colour depending on its surroundings; it is colourless in the closed space, and outside, under the influence of the sun, it changes into gray or brown colour.



ARTish SEZONA 2020

-> ARTish KINO ŠIŠKA / PRESTAVLJEN / iz 14. marec na 25. okrober 2020 / 10.00 do 19.00


! NOVA LOKACIJA ! -> ZUNANJA SEZONA / Gallusovo nabrežje / VSAKA SOBOTA  vključno 31.10. / ZAČETEK  20. junij 2020


-> poletni ARTish v Radovljici / četrtek, 7. julij / 14:00 do 19:00

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ARTish prodajni kotiček CERKNICA -> galerija KRPAN, Čabranska 2, Cerknica
vsaka SUHA sobota / 10:00 do 15:00