VERNALI accessories -

Vernali – handmade accessories is collection made by Vesna Stanimirović.

VERNALI accessories -

Graduate costume and fashion designer, she worked for various firms in fashion industry, as well as graphic designer. Along she creates fashion details that are not subject to restrictions imposed by industry. Idea behinde this collection, basicly made in leather, wool and silk, is to make pieces that don’t recognize genereations. Evergreens for everyone. Therefore Vernali explores new ways of designing leather and other materials. Always up some new ideas, some new combinations of techniques and materials that gives an unexpected results. Each piece in this collection has some handmade parts (embroidery, crochet, patchwork...) that makes it special. Creating is a grat joy, as well seeing people wear your designs.


ARTish SEZONA 2019

KINO ŠIŠKA - sobota, 30. marec / 10 - 19

GORNJI TRG - april do oktober (vsaka sobota)

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