Colour for the boys and little something for the girls


Bantuyi was established by Marija Dragovic in 2012 who previously worked as a journalist in Slovenia and the United Kingdom, where she lived for 16 years.

“Creating for children is the most rewarding way to spend time when not spending it with family”

It was when I had my second child in 2011 that I was struck by the lack of clothes choice for baby boys. I wanted to dress him in colour but I was struggling to find it. So, while on maternity leave, I started sourcing different fabrics from all around the world. I found myself really enjoying the process of designing and putting together outfits for kids. I was sold, there was no going back and I said goodbye to my journalism career to devote time to creating children’s clothes!

Bantuyi was officially born in September 2012 but a year prior to its birth was devoted to sourcing fabrics that would meet my high standards. All fabrics I use are soft, light cotton and bamboo and mostly come from USA and UK. All the clothes are made by Slovenian skillful seamstresses. My kids are my inspiration and I only use the fabrics I would want my girl and my boy to wear. And at Bantuyi we don’t think that pink should only be a girl’s colour!


ARTish SEZONA 2021 

! NOVA LOKACIJA ! -> ZUNANJA SEZONA / Gallusovo nabrežje / VSAKA SOBOTA  vključno 30.10.

TERMINI (vsaka sobota od 19.6. dalje):

- > OKTOBER 2021: 2., 9., 16., 23. in 30. oktober / med 10.00 in 18.00


ARTish v Cerknici / prodajni kotiček v galeriji Krpan

ODPRTO: sreda, četrtek in petek med 17.00 in 19.00


ARTish v Radovljici pred graščino 

 -> četrtek, 28. oktober RADOVLJICA (med 15.00 in 19.00)


ARTish v KINU ŠIŠKA 2021

-> sobota, 6. november, med 10.00 in 19.00 

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