Kards is a creative and collaborative project between local artists and their communities to create interactive postcards for the cities they love.


Kards aims to bring people together to create visually appealing interpretations of their current environment with a level of interaction that goes beyond the simple sending and receiving of a postcard. We started the project in Denmark and will continue it in Spain this autumn.

Each postcard has an interactive element such as being able to cut out certain components to manipulate the cards, being able to draw on them and adding your own personal touch. In Ljubljana, we have worked with Milica Živa from Serbia, who is the graphic designer behind this portion of the project. You can see more of her work at www.milicaziva.com.


ARTish SEZONA 2020

-> ARTish KINO ŠIŠKA / PRESTAVLJEN / iz 14. marec na 25. okrober 2020 / 10.00 do 19.00


! NOVA LOKACIJA ! -> ZUNANJA SEZONA / Gallusovo nabrežje / VSAKA SOBOTA  vključno 31.10. / ZAČETEK  20. junij 2020


-> poletni ARTish v Radovljici / četrtek, 7. julij / 14:00 do 19:00

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PRIJAVE: artish.si@gmail.com

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ARTish prodajni kotiček CERKNICA -> galerija KRPAN, Čabranska 2, Cerknica
vsaka SUHA sobota / 10:00 do 15:00